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It is a matter of concern that even today there are millions of children in both urban and rural areas who do not have access to formal education. These children continue to live in deprivation since they belong to the underprivileged sections of our society. It is time we broke barriers and made society inclusive.

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Human Savior Foundation is relentlessly working towards educating and empowering the deprived. Through its low-budget quality schools, children experience the joy of learning! Formal education is no longer a distant dream for these children whose parents toil hard to make ends meet.

Skill Development

At the school level, skill development aids in laying a solid foundation for students. It fosters self-worth, self-assurance and leadership abilities. Besides academic rigori, every effort is made to develop self-confidence and communication skills of students.

Social Welfare

A social welfare NGO uses education to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people. In fact, it also aids in introducing a more evolved and developed generation.


For those in need who can't afford care on their own, we offer medical and emotional help. We are empowered by our conviction that suffering is transient and that giving up is permanent.


By joining up as a lifelong member, you join Human Savior Foundation’s family and contribute to its life-lifting efforts in India and around the world.

Skill Development


Medical Care

Providing Food

Love & Support

Clean Drinking Water

Hygiene Sanitation

Child Protection

Success Stories

Human Savior Foundation, founded in the year 2020, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving disadvantaged children a life they deserve. Education is the cornerstone of development; our schools provide a safe environment where children get an opportunity to kindle and foster their latent talent. At Human Savior Foundation, we believe every child is a genius. It’s the opportunity that matters!  There are numerous stories of inspiration at Human Savior Foundation. Our children are our heroes. We find happiness as they embark on their journey of education and empowerment.

We have a group of educators, doctors and other volunteers who are committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children. We also put a lot of effort into giving the kids access to quality medical care. Members of our team work to stop the exploitation of young girls. Together, we strive to improve the lives of disadvantaged girls.



She studies in grade 3. She is a good student and she dreams of a bright future. Divya has three siblings and all of them are students of our school. Divya’s mother works as a househelp. She is the sole earning member of her family. Divya’s father can’t work because of his physical disability.



A third grader who is a keen learner. Ronak dreams of higher studies and aspires to go abroad some day. Ronak belongs to the ‘Banjara’ community. His parents sell small ceramic items to earn a living.

What People Say


Human Savior Foundation is working tirelessly to uplift lives. I wish them all the best!

Mrs. Mamta Agarwal
Petron Lyness Club Sampoorna

Mr. Ashish Singh has been continuously striving to provide quality education to the underprivileged children. The school provides formal education under a clean and hygienic environment. I wish Human Savior Foundation success.

Mrs Lokesh
Director NGO

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Human Saviour does want to transform the quality of education via the use of cutting-edge teaching and learning methods at the primary and secondary levels. It is essential to build a learned person who can discriminate between good and wrong in addition to an educated citizen.